We focus a lot on the quality of services provided, since we treat our customers as co-players. The growth and the effectiveness of the businesses we undertake, guarantee our own success in business.
Some of the companies and entrepreneurs that honored us by assigning business projects directly and/or through partners are::
  • Deutsche Telekom Europe
  • University of Cyprus
  • Equip Global Singapore
  • OTE Academy
  • LYDA S.A.
  • Forthnet – Nova
  • Wind
  • Lidl Hellas
  • Lafarge Holcim
  • nrg
  • Volterra S.A.
  • Praksis, Business Coaching & Consulting
  • Small Enterprises Institute of Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants (IME GSEVEE)
  • Zelos Effective Solutions
  • Master KEK
  • Artemat Italy
  • Artebellum France
  • Biziga India
  • Social Cooperative Enterprise Black Light
  • inagros
  • Neuropractic Clinics
  • Gennima Gynecology & Reproduction
  • PPP
  • Achieve Performance Consulting Group S.A.
  • Planet S.A.
  • Piraeus Port Authority
  • Carrefour Marinopoulos
  • CYTA Hellas S.A.
  • Municipality of Filothei-Psychiko
  • Replayce – Errika Prezerakou
  • Executive Options
  • Fresh & Spicy
  • Athens Sports Hall
  • Movinno Ltd
  • BS AutoSpare
  • Federation of Attika Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Hellenic Federation of Driving License Trainers

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