Not only I managed to put my thoughts in a sequence, but also I developed a realistic action plan for my business
Business Coaching Participant, ALBA, 2021

Being patient, with humour and examples from the real market, he helped me understand how to better approach my entrepreneurial idea, for setting up my business
Business Coaching Participant, ALBA, 2021

He managed to combine successfully theory with real market examples, making totally understood every aspect we need to learn and evalute for an effective negotiation process
Participant at Negotiation Workshop | University of Cyprus, October 2020

He helped me create my business plan and actually realize where to focus not only for business setup, but also for its growth!
Participant at Praksis BCC program for startup companies, funded by Citi Foundation | May 2020

The best instructor ever visited the Campus
Participant at the 1st workshop of Middle Managers development | University of Cyprus, November 2019

One of the top business consultants in Greece, for entrepreneurship and branding issues!
Evanthia Karaventza
Participant of 7th PRAKSIS BCC cycle (May 2017)

Up to now, the best instructor we have ever met in PRAKSIS
Participant of 6th PRAKSIS BCC cycle (Dec 2016)

Fully professional,, reliable and trustful partner.
Elias Georgopoulos
Entrepreneurship Network Manager, Small Enterprises’ Institute of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants (IME GSEVEE), regarding the study and proposals syntax on behalf of Hellenic Federation of Driving Trainers for issues of Corporate Social Responsibility

Mr. Kassimatis is an instructor with advanced communication skills, deep market knowledge and constructive speech
Participant in Communication skills seminar at Lidl Hellas

The interactive kahoot application tests, the videos and the whole seminar in general, was one of the best I have ever joined!! Thank you Vassilis!!!!
Participant at the Negotiation skills seminar | Wind Hellas, December 2019

Vassilis is an extraordinary trainer, who managed to create a safe environment, where everyone could actively undertake a role and enjoy the course
Participant in Leadership seminar, at OTE ACADEMY

Initially I joined the seminar with negative mood. However, I have to admit that the instructor was very empathetic. Based on that, he managed to achieve high level of engagement. At the end, we appreciated the whole training process.
Participant in Customer Experience seminar at OTE ACADEMY

Working with full professionalism, VK & Associates managed to reduce our annual procurement and maintenance costs by 30%.The strange thing is that our suppliers did not complain at all…
Mantoudis Evripidis
Owner of Gennima, Center of Gynecology and Reproduction

He was an expert at his field, with humor and advanced communication skills
Participant at the Negotiation skills seminar | University of Cyprus, May 2019

Excellent partners, they went straight into the facts and helped us prepare a realistic business plan, which made us really stronger…
Dr. Spiros Michalakis
Owner of Neuropractic and Chairman of Paneuropean Institute for musculoskeletal pain “Prof. Karel Lewit International Institute”, in Prague, Chech Republic

Very expressive, he kept our interest alive during the whole seminar
Participant in Health & Safety seminar at Lafarge Holcim

The consultant took fully advantage of our recommendations/specifications that were initially provided. He also enriched the content with his personal experiences and proper documentation. The result was evaluated as perfectly satisfactory and very close to our demands.
Business Executive of Small Enterprises’ Institute of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants (IME GSEVEE), regarding the project of «providing consulting services to enterprises located in Municipality of Athens»

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